The beginning of another year and you can almost hear the wind whispering peoples’ vows of being kinder to themselves by eating healthier; doing more exercise; cutting down on the booze; eating less meat; losing weight; drinking more water, blah blah blah!

Forgive the cynic in me but enter mid January and those ‘well pondered upon’ resolutions have now been cast to the newly appointed ‘to do’ list which always starts on Monday! Whilst waiting for that glorious Monday to come and pave the way for our new us’ (again), we sit down in front of the TV with a glass of wine and a Dominos on route and start to consider what needs doing in the house. Then reality kicks in and we realise that our bank accounts haven’t even begun to recover from Christmas; we can kiss those thoughts of a new bathroom, sofa or kitchen goodbye…for now anyway!!

Until that sweet day comes when our bank accounts have been replenished we’ll have to make do with our old stuff and let’s face it, it could be a while. Speaking carbon footprints though, not everything NEEDS to be replaced and it’s often a case of WANTING to be replaced and if you’ve got a range cooker standing proud in the kitchen you’ll know what I’m talking about. Whether it’s a Britannia, Ilve, Falcon, Mercury, Bertazonni, Lacanche or Rangemaster, the chances are that beauty will still be standing proud 20 years on.

Having your range cooker serviced every 12 months will keep your appliance in optimum condition and ensure you’re getting the most out of it. Our engineers are based in the North West of England and cover Manchester, Sheffield, Blackpool, Liverpool and North Wales. For a more detailed area please click here. A service includes:

  • Gas and electrical safety checks
  • Oven temperatures tested and calibrated
  • Door realignment
  • Gas burner pressure/ignition/thermocouple checks
  • Oven fan motors greased or replaced as required
  • Seals checked and replaced if required
  • 12 month warranty

For more information call us or book in with us for a service and give your range cooker a well deserved, new lease of life.