According to uSwitch, the cost of cooking accounts for around 4% of the average gas and electricity bill and by cooking a little smarter, we can reduce the amount of energy we use whilst cutting bills in the process.

The amount of fuel we use during cooking is pretty high compared with other household activities and if you’ve got an energy monitor, you’ll have probably noticed how much more the oven uses! The oven uses far more electricity than virtually all other appliances in your home so its worth following these handy tips to make sure you’re cooking as efficiently as possible.

1. Cook as much as you can in the oven in one go.

2. Try not to open the oven door mid-cooking as the oven loses heat and needs more energy to get back up to the right temperature; keeping the oven door glass clean will allow you to look through it rather than having to open the oven door to see how your food’s doing.

3. Make sure the door closes properly – check for worn seals, hinges and door catches and if need be, get them replaced as soon as you can.

4. Get to know how long it takes for your oven to reach temperature so you can start cooking once it’s at the right temp.

5. Pre-boil potatoes and root vegetables before roasting to cut down on the cooking time.

6. Reduce cooking time by cutting food into smaller pieces.

7. If you have a fan assisted cooking option, use it! This allows the temperature to be set lower than if you use the conventional oven option.

8. Turn off the oven ten minutes before the end of cooking time and leave your food in – your oven will keep to the same temperature and finish off cooking your tasties.

9. Using stainless steel skewers in food such as joints of meat and baked potatoes will speed up the cooking process.

10. Keep a clean oven! Food debris absorbs heat making your oven less efficient.

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