ALL work carried out on any duel fuel ( electric ovens gas hob ), full gas ( gas ovens and gas hob ) or liquid petroleum gas range cooker should be carried out by gas safe registered engineer. It does not matter if it is electrical work or gas work.

Many people believe it is acceptable for a non gas safe registered engineer to work on an electric oven with gas hob, this is not the case. If the cooker has to be removed from it’s position, any hotplates or panels removed a non-gas safe registered engineer does not have the skills or necessary equipment or legal certificate to carry out this repair.

This is not to be alarming or fill a customer full of dread and fear about their range cooker repair engineer, it has been known for insurance companies to refuse payouts for any damage caused by a non gas safe engineer working on a gas appliance. Full gas safe details can be found here and if you do you require a gas safe registered engineer to repair your range cooker then use range cooker care.